You can find a “Zocalo” or public square in any town in Mexico.  It is, without fail, the heart of the community.  Where people come together to meet each other, to converse, to trade, to see and to be seen.  It was on a park bench in the Zocalo of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico where we first met and hatched the idea for Zocalo Collective.

We want to share our passion for the remarkable products created by the artisans of Oaxaca and Southern Mexico.   We work directly with these artisans to design and produce practical, sophisticated and inherently Mexican, handmade items and we champion local organizations that support their livelihood and craft.


We are proud to support the important work of these organizations in Southern Mexico.

El Camino de Los Altos is an association founded in 1996, led by Véronique Tesseraud and seven other French textile designers. The organization weaves between France and Mexico and is dedicated to the promotion of the textile craftsmanship of Mayan women living in the Highlands of Chiapas, in southeastern Mexico.

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Innovando la Tradicion is a creative platform where artisans, designers and artists share skills, knowledge and stories to rethink and honor the ceramic traditions of Oaxaca. Their goal is to elevate the symbolic, cultural and commercial value of pottery in the world of today.  They offer services to potters and pottery communities in Oaxaca that support the development of their trade.

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